In the VIP Room at the On the Run Tour

Today I’ll be working  in the Chase VIP lounge at Gillette stadium for the Massachusetts stop Beyonce and Jay-Z On the Run Tour. Two Dots Productions always has such exciting projects! In the Chase VIP Lounge we’ll be helping to ensure attendees have a premium experience before the show. There’ll be a photo booth and […]

Dick’s Sporting Goods Loves The Red Sox!

New England, Massachusetts especially, is really big into sports. We love to win. We love to cheer our teams on and (win, lose, or draw) riot in response. It was midway through the 2013 World Series and that night the Red Sox were playing the Cardinals in St. Louis. What better way to celebrate than […]

A whiskey drink, a vodka drink… and another vodka drink and another whiskey drink!

Last weekend I did four off premise liquor promos. One for Crown Royal Maple, and three back to back for Smirnoff Confections, Bulleit Rye Whiskey, and Ciroc Red Berry. I’d never tried any of these before being booked for these promos… Crown Royal Maple As soon as we opened the bottle the maple scent filled […]

Walgreens, and Monster NCredible Headphones, and Nick Cannon. OH MY!

I spent last week promoting an upcoming event at a local Walgreens. Nick Cannon teamed up with Monster to create a line of NCredible headphones. Then Monster teamed up with Walgreens to help stock their new Well Connected section, which features technology from car-port USB adapters to Verizon cell phones. We focused on youth friendly […]