Airheads Candy at the Oddball Festival

By | August 9, 2013

Sunday I was called to be an alternate at the Oddball Comedy Festival, promoting Airheads candy!

Ohmigawd, remember those?! They’re like easier to chew taffy in amazing flavors. We use to get them at the candy store around the corner from The Boys and Girls Club after school.

This promo was so much fun. I had to give people candy and encourage them to tweet about it. I was also responsible for reminding people (who are now grown and working) that Airheads still exists and are still awesome.

Airheads Oddball ducksrow

The energy was so high (as were some of the folks I got to talk to) and everyone was more than happy to chat.

Unfortunately, the part where I had to ask them survey questions about their Airheads experience at the festival during intermission was a bit more difficult. On the bright side, the survey was super fast and easy to do on an iPad.

Not so bright side? By intermission a lot of people had already been drinking for a long time. Some had been thrown out of their seats, relegated to the lawn, for phone use. A number of them told me that they’ve never been to an Oddball Festival…

Overall, it was a super fun event with amazing attendees; I met Jeff Ross (who shook my hand and and really chill IRL); I got to relax it a VIP room and try Red’s Apple Ale after the gig; and I even got to catch a bit of Dave Chappelle’s act. I wish I was on the tour.

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