Dick’s Sporting Goods Loves The Red Sox!

By | October 28, 2013

New England, Massachusetts especially, is really big into sports. We love to win. We love to cheer our teams on and (win, lose, or draw) riot in response.

It was midway through the 2013 World Series and that night the Red Sox were playing the Cardinals in St. Louis. What better way to celebrate than with a community appreciation event right where you can buy your favorite team apparel?

Sadly the truck carrying our event materials was delayed and we had to improvise. We had the important thing: a popcorn machine, locally baked Red Sox cookies, baseball cards, and four very personable staffers.

We set up what we could and made it work. And boy did it work!

At the front entrance there was a popcorn machine, which I was way to excited about using. But it’s crazy-fun to learn how new things work. Especially things that seem simple but I just don’t get.

It wasn’t just me either, people were all about free popcorn. Men, women, and children were lining up all day to get a bag of our amazing hot, buttered popcorn.

We also gave out a lot of base ball cards. Since it was the same day as the rest of the mall was having trick or treating, it was cute to see little kids putting the cards into their baskets. However, I did realize I’m super out of touch with kid culture because I couldn’t guess a bunch of costumes. Rainbow loom? Some cool werewolf from Monster High? Nope.

We had a super cool pitching cage where you could compete with your friends and siblings to see who has the faster arm. There was a photo area where we had giant Pedroia and Ortiz heads people could take photos with.

2013-10-26 11.59.33

And the pièce de résistance? A signing by the cure-breaking Doug Mientkiewicz. He was super nice and welcoming and it was a great reminder about how far we came back in 2004 when one catch meant our first World Series win since 1918.

The store employees and the event team were all awesome people to work with and I’m still geeked about getting to run a popcorn machine!

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