That time I sold all the Yoplait Blended Greek Yogurt…

By | October 26, 2013

Recently I got my Food Handlers Certification!

I did an in-store sampling gig last week and I was surprised at how into it I was! In the end I sold “six cases” of Yoplait Greek blended yogurt.

Secret? I don’t like Greek yogurt.

Greek Yogurt is all the rage and  people are forcing it into their faces like it’s distilled water from the fountain of youth. I don’t get it. I’m still about pudding and plain vanilla yogurt with some fruit and granola.

But this Yoplait Blended Greek brings something new to the table in that it’s not the usual Greek on top and flavor on the bottom. One less step is the American way!

Also, this premixing seems to cut the harshness of traditional Greek yogurt flavor.

The flavors are a bit unexpected as it comes in: Vanilla, Blueberry, Strawberry-Raspberry, Pineapple, Coconut, and Tangerine.

Yoplait-Greek-BlendedI was standing right in front of the yogurt so I could point it out and hand customers a coupon and say, “They’re currently a dollar so if you use that coupon, you’ll be getting two for the price of one. Two for a dollar!”

People loved the flavor. Kids too.

They filled the shelf when I got there… When I was leaving, there were two regular (stupid vanilla) Greek blendeds left and about half the 100 calorie Greek blendeds!

I’m was getting so… Glen Gary Glen Ross. I was watched the containers disappear and wanted desperately to sell every last one. Six cases (according to the yogurt manager– yea, that’s a thing.) is a pretty good day for yogurt sales.

Women were more likely to take the temptation and also men with children. I’d only promoted liquor before to this so seeing true impulse buying in action was a beautiful thing.

I win.

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