Walgreens, and Monster NCredible Headphones, and Nick Cannon. OH MY!

By | October 16, 2013


I spent last week promoting an upcoming event at a local Walgreens. Nick Cannon teamed up with Monster to create a line of NCredible headphones. Then Monster teamed up with Walgreens to help stock their new Well Connected section, which features technology from car-port USB adapters to Verizon cell phones.image

We focused on youth friendly areas and colleges when promoting and highlighted not only Nick’s appearance, but also the fact that there would be free food. It’s funny to see how many heads turn when you mention free food on a college campus. Luckily the food (platters created from Walgreens sandwiches) was a big hit and we had enough to go around.

NCredible-Walgreens PostEvent Collage

Nick was a great sport and people loved his NCredible headphones. Photos were taken, products were both bought and raffled off, and Walgreens let the community know it’s not just another drugstore.

CA Courtesy was a great company to work with (especially since they weren’t just staffing the event, they organized it) and I met some great Brand Ambassadors through this project who I hope to work with again.

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