Tallulah LeCast

Library Books (fantasy erotica set in a magical library…)

She’s just a librarian. A sassy, irresponsible, indestructible, and ageless librarian.

The problem is, she doesn’t remember getting the job or how long she’s had it — or how she keeps it since procrastination is one of her favorite pastimes. Well, that’s one of her problems. She also does not know who she is, where she came from, or how to escape her never-ending work-from-home gig.

Day after day she sorts and shelves. Sorts and shelves every single day.

Every day except for the days when magical monsters and beautiful beasts visit her, and she takes full advantage of their company.

The Book of Demon Magic (Library Books 1)

The Book of Wish Work (Library Books 2)

The Book of Debt & Dragons (Library Books 3)

Meditative Masturbation & Me: a paranormal erotica story… & a lesson in setting and maintaining boundaries with beings from alternate dimensions (Library Books 4)