I think I found your Dad and the milk he went to buy…

When Dave mysteriously disappears after a late-night milk run, his sister-in-law Olivia and her best friend Riley begin investigating the strange phenomenon plaguing their small town. Men have been vanishing for years whenever they venture out for milk, giving rise to chilling urban legends about the dairy’s sinister secrets.

As Liv and Riley dig deeper, they uncover a horrifying supernatural conspiracy centered around Benny’s Dairy Farm involving soul-stealing monsters and captives trapped in an otherworldly harvesting facility. With time running out, the two friends must descend into the nightmarish underground maze and confront the sinister evil that lurks below, threatening to drain the life and minds of all who wander into its grasp.

Urgent: Desperate Plea for Help – Cursed Paint Nightmare Unfolding

A concerned individual is seeking help after experiencing disturbing occurrences linked to a paint called “Cursed Midnight Oil,” which was used by their missing cousin Alex. After interacting with the paint, the individual describes supernatural phenomena in Alex’s art studio, including spreading shadows and ghostly apparitions. The company’s customer service acknowledges the product’s arcane nature and the potential dangers associated with its use, but lack details on specific incidents. They offer advice on avoiding certain symbols and celestial events when using the paint and provide additional mysterious products in hopes of aiding the individual’s artistic exploration. The individual fears the paint’s influence is spreading and is desperate for advice on containing what has been unleashed.

Am I the Asshole for exorcising the ghost my wife told me was in our house even though I told her I didn’t believe he was real?

When a husband moves his wife back to his childhood hometown, they expect to find comfort and familiarity. Instead, the old house holds an unsettling presence neither can explain.

As the wife spends lonely days within the creaking walls, she befriends a ghostly companion named Adam. Though the husband doubts Adam’s existence, he notices his wife lighting up whenever she speaks of her new supernatural friend.

Desperate to connect with his increasingly withdrawn wife, the husband makes a decision that will alter their lives forever. Consumed by jealousy, he calls for an exorcist to banish Adam’s spirit from their home.

But Adam has become much more than a ghost to the lonely wife.

The Death Prediction

On her tenth birthday, a girl is brought by her mother and sister to get her fortune told by the mysterious Forsaken and Freaks, a group of outsiders with strange abilities. But when the prediction cube shows only “Life”, it plunges her into an existential crisis over what her vague fate might mean.

This imaginative tale explores timeless themes of death, transformation and self-actualization through the rich inner journey of a girl foretold an uncertain fate, which she ultimately realizes remains hers alone to write.

Happy Holidays: A Valentine’s Day Demon

Nia feels unseen and unloved after years in a passionless relationship. When her fiancé rejects even her Valentine’s Day overtures, something snaps. Seizing fate with her own hands, Nia discovers deliverance in the form of an alluring stranger. This mysterious libertine awakens Nia to previously unfathomed carnal pleasures. Their liberating tryst empowers her to take …