Month: December 2023

The Death Prediction

On her tenth birthday, a girl is brought by her mother and sister to get her fortune told by the mysterious Forsaken and Freaks, a group of outsiders with strange abilities. But when the prediction cube shows only “Life”, it plunges her into an existential crisis over what her vague fate might mean.

This imaginative tale explores timeless themes of death, transformation and self-actualization through the rich inner journey of a girl foretold an uncertain fate, which she ultimately realizes remains hers alone to write.

Happy Holidays: A Valentine’s Day Demon

Nia feels unseen and unloved after years in a passionless relationship. When her fiancé rejects even her Valentine’s Day overtures, something snaps. Seizing fate with her own hands, Nia discovers deliverance in the form of an alluring stranger. This mysterious libertine awakens Nia to previously unfathomed carnal pleasures. Their liberating tryst empowers her to take …