Finally tried Portal 2!

I didn’t play Portal or Portal 2. I loved both games but as a spectator while my husband and friends played.

The writing was spectacular and engaging and the elation that came from  solving a particularly challenging level was enviable.

The problem was, I didn’t just hear about it, I  watched it. Portal logic looks complicated, confusing, and intimidating. I never took the chance to just pick it up and start from scratch.

Finally, after playing ilomilo co-op with my husband, he suggested co-op Portal 2. Why not!?

I was Atlas and he was Pebody and GLaDOS was her usual suspicious, disapproving self.


Surprise, surprise. It wasn’t that hard. I didn’t feel like a dummy with no brain power or a time traveler in wonderland. The game eased into complexity and the story built as any well-written story should without taking away from the lessons learned in each level.

This was also a fantastic co-op mode where both players were important and couldn’t achieve success without truly cooperating. We couldn’t challenge one another’s high scores or  times, but it wasn’t that kind of night. It was about teamwork and working through challenges together.

Portal 2‘s co-op mode was fun and interesting and didn’t result in either of us getting butt-hurt at the other. I’m so glad I stopped the second guessing and tried it and highly recommend it.

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