Quick Survival Tips for Pre-Apocalyptic Living


Everyday Survival

  • Everyday Survival: Going to Work
  • What to do if The Apocalypse Comes While You’re at Work (or School)

How to Trick People Into Liking You…

  • So what are the little things we can do to trick people into liking us?
  • So can you trick people into liking you?

Quick Survival Tip: Stay Active

  • Some challenges to help you stay active
  • Staying active is a choice.

Quick Survival Tip: Stand up for Yourself

  • Sometimes people try to speak loudly and use tactics to assert dominance and get you to go with their flow.
  • I’m terrible at speaking up for myself, but recently I had the opportunity, and I took it!
  • It was clear that they weren’t being fair and my expected role in this scenario was to be quiet, stupid, and compliant.
  • Because I stood up for myself, I had a new, actually equivalent phone three days after the incident.

Ask all the questions, avoid all the chaos

  • With almost all situations there’s an easy way to bring order to chaos: QUESTIONS.
  • How to avoid chaos? Communication is key.

Quick Survival Tip: Avoid Stress

  • Tips for Avoiding Stress in Survival Situations

Quick Survival Tip: Clean Out The Trash to Make Room For Treasure

  • Tips to help you clean out the trash to make room for the treasure:

Quick Survival Tip: Keep a Hair Elastic Handy

  • Other uses include but are not limited to…

Quick Survival Tip: Untie Your Shoes When You Take Them Off

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