Wish Work (Library Books 2)

The magical library has demands and deadlines, and it has made the librarian more than aware that she is behind with her work.

Minding her own business with an illustrated copy of the Kama Sutra, the librarian took a break to spend some quality time with herself and her hands—without her panties. Idle hands are the devil’s tools. Careless hands lead to a puff of smoke and a seriously sexy genie standing before her, offering to show her how to put a wish to work.

Djinn, or Genies, take pride in the work that they do, and Jalil is no exception.

Jalil was more than a little surprised to interrupt the sexy, overworked, unsatisfied librarian while she worked herself rather than the overflowing piles of books on her desk. And she thought she could simply dismiss Jalil and force him to leave his job undone like hers. A job that she clearly needed him to do more than she even knew.

Can Jalil convince her to allow him to do his wicked work and grant her body’s every wish?

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